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Defects Table

Description of Issue Constitutes as a Defect Does Not Constitute as a Defect
Broken Buttons/Buckles
Loose/Dropped Metal Buttons
Completely misaligned Buttons
Clasps that cannot fasten
Dropped Buttons/Buckles (would be assisted further if the button/buckle could be resewn)
Missing Buttons/Buckles (would be assisted further if extra buttons/buckle are available)
Broken Zip
Inoperative Zipper (unable to zip and unzip)
Broken Stitching
Overly loose/messy threads which would run if cut
Open Seams/holes
Straps sewn incorrectly
Excess fabric
Thread Runs/Seam Unravelling
Inner Lining exposed/longer than main fabric
Incomplete sewing of embroidery which would cause thread runs
Asymmetrical pockets
Minor Loose Threads
Denim Frays (if it's a design)
Unremovable stains
Burnt marks
Streaks on the item that is unremovable
Iron Marks that cannot be removed after washing/steaming
Minor Stains in inner lining
Minor Stains that could be washed off with some soap and water
Discoloration of items
Denim Wash Slightly darker at areas which are thicker/not exposed
Slight colour differences due to different monitor resolutions and studio/outdoor lighting
Printing defects/errors
Missing Pattern Parts (case by case basis)
Different embroidery/eyelet patterns (ie. straps have different embroidery/eyelet designs)
Poor elasticity of elastic bands (eg. for items like smocked tops)
Snapped Elastic
Mistagged size
Minor threading on inner lining
Colour run/transfer due to self infliction during wash
Piling/furring from friction (eg. bags/rough surfaces)